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-Respect My Region-
Locals Only: New music from Feezable the Germ, Joey Cash, and D. Mikey

Seattle’s D. Mikey has just dropped a brand new video for his song “They Say.” Throughout the entire track, D. Mikey brings a large set of bars that is complimented by his effortless delivery. Over the past few years, his career has grown quite considerably and with releases like this he’s bound to maintain his forward momentum.

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B.O.C. Music artist, Micstro, D. Mikey, and Intylekt receive top 20 nomination for "Record of The Year."

The first-ever Town Love Hip-Hop Awards will be held on Monday, February 25th at the Pacific Science Center Laser Dome in Seattle, Washington at 7:30 pm. Hosted by KEXP DJ Stas Thee Boss, this unique event will count down the absolute best hip-hop records from Washington state. WITH LASERS. This is a party you do not want to miss.
The twenty nominated records have each achieved the perfect balance of critical praise and commercial popularity. They are vying for the title of “Record of The Year” and a prize of $500, provided by organizer Crane City Music, Seattle’s premier hip-hop record label.
“The best new music in America is being made right here in the Pacific Northwest,” says Gary Campbell, founder of Crane City Music and organizer of the event. “We’re planning a spectacular one-night-only hip-hop laser show like you’ve never seen before… Songs from all 20 nominated records will be played with laser accompaniment.”

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-Respect My Region-
Mr. Hi-Def & D. Mikey collab on Master of the Ceremony 

MR. HI-DEF returns with a new song titled “Masters of the Ceremony” featuring D. Mikey. The new release also has a supporting video as well. As the year winds down, both artists are heating things up in a big way. As a result, this is a release that cannot be missed for either artist.
The mid-tempo song features wide-ranging flows and lyricism from both rappers. Backed by an instrumental that is driven by heavy strings, it effectively supports the varying rhyme schemes that are heard throughout. The lyrics are truthful and raw, and as a result both rappers are at their very best.

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-Respect My Region-
Micstro & D. Mikey Cookie Jar review 

This is that Seattle fire! B.O.C. music collective members D. Mikey and Micstro link up with the beat maestro Intylekt for the Cookie Jar album.
The 12 track hip-hop dripped project is so Seattle. The trio teamwork is in full effect from start to finish, complimenting one another left and right. Intylekt keeps the drums, samples, and instrumentation moving. Micstro brings energy as his voice cuts through hooks and verses. D. Mikey’s chill demeanor never waivers under pressure. Seriously this guy is stone cold on the track.
The project is reminiscent of classic Little Brother material. The standout joint for me is ‘Whatchamacallit.’ All ingredients for the baked goods come together over the Marvin Gaye inspired soundtrack. I was also really feeling ‘Magic’ and ‘Amazing’ but the whole album really comes together. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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-Respect My Region-
D. Mikey drops his official music video for "Hol' Up" off of his 'Madison' album. 

D. Mikey has been RMR fam since our days together at Central Washington University over in Ellensburg. These days, he’s been living in the lab with 18 Hundred and Intylekt making the kind of boom bap music Seattle hip-hop was built on. His new record, Hol Up, is as boom bap as they come and the perfect track to roll a nice joint.

Hold up… or sorry… ‘Hol’ Up,’ released in August, is more of a summertime cookout feel but I got it on today and can almost feel the sun (the sun isn’t up yet). The tracks sounds like it sampled ‘I Wanna Freak You’ by Jodeci but the drums give an early 90s hip-hop feel and D. Mikey comes with the ever smooth flow.